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Storytellers of love,
joy, and
chasing dreams

We are Haley and Mason, the faces behind Haley Mae Photo & Film. We are your team you will see breaking it down on the dance floor on your wedding day. Haley is the founder, and Mason came into the business and passion later on. He is the life of the party wherever he goes and will bring all the extra laughs you need on your big day and capturing all the special moments along the way. We are so excited to serve our clients the best we can. You all let us live out our dreams and we couldn't appreciate you all more. 

I’m a full time freelance photographer currently living in State College, PA. I was born in a small town (Bellwood, PA) and first started taking photos on my older sister's ipod touch at 10. I bought my first professional camera as a graduation present to myself when I graduated highschool and it began snowballing from there. Though photography was always my first love, I decided to pursue a more “practical” college degree and studied accounting. I proceeded to have a few jobs in accounting that I hated-till a now close friend of mine guided me into taking the leap to follow my dream. So the next week I went into my 9-5 and QUIT right before Christmas and I wouldn’t change a thing.

The whole time I was studying/working, I was doing more and more photography as a creative outlet to the point where I realized I should follow my passion for it and go all in. So all in I went, and here I am! 

Hey, I'm Haley

I’m a full-time videographer and currently working part time at a gym in State College! I was born and raised in Hollidaysburg, PA. After high school I went to Penn State Altoona where I played basketball for two years while I sought a kinesiology degree. Once my sophomore year ended I moved to Penn State University’s main campus in State College. Immediately after, the Covid-19 pandemic began and I found myself spending long hours in my room staring at a screen for “school” - if you can even call it that. Those lonely days finally gave me time to think and I realized the degree that I was pursuing didn’t interest me at all. So I took a year off of school and began searching for what I really wanted to do with my life. During this search I met Haley. Haley brought me to my first wedding as a second shooter and I realized that day I finally found what I've been searching for. 

From there I began going to more and more weddings just as a second shooter until I finally made the jump to videography. After I made my first couple videos I decided to leave college to fully pursue videography and I haven't looked back since! That was two years ago and still to this day I’m in love with it. Being able to capture a couple’s special day and return it to them as an everlasting love story is the most rewarding career I could have asked for. 

What's up, I'm Mason

We are Haley and Mason!! Haley is all about photo and mason does the video side of things. Believe it or not we met in person-and had no idea each other existed. Which is surprising, in my opinion, with social media and growing up 20 minutes away from one another. 

The most important thing you need to know about us is that we LOVE what we do. This job is a product of 6 years of dreaming, working hard and taking risks. Choosing us as your photo/video team does not mean you are just going to get another wedding vendor. Choosing us means new friends. We care about your authenticity and who you are as human beings. We promise to cheer you on long after your wedding day is over and your photos are delivered! We are so blessed to still be in contact with so many of our brides and grooms from the past! As you’re looking through this guide- I hope you can see the love we put into capturing every real moment we can.

Our Love Story

The feedback I get the most often from clients is that I made them feel super comfortable throughout the shoot. And to me, that is the BEST compliment I could ever receive. For a lot of people, taking photos can be incredibly awkward! Most people have absolutely NO idea what to do with their hands. But I have all the tips + tricks to prompt you both into poses that look natural. I will ask you all sorts of things about your love story to get to know you better which in turn informs the photos. So be prepared for goofiness, laughter, and a whole lot of lovin’.

A lot of clients come to me with pretty much zero idea of what they have in mind for their wedding or couples photography. Not to worry! I have a whole lot of stuff to share with you to help make our shoot go great. I have location suggestions, outfit/style inspiration guides, and I ask questions ahead of time you might not even have thought about! Whatever shoot we do together, I really want it to be a fun time and that means less stress on your end. So any question that might pop up along the way, I am always here to give my input!

Our Approach

There are a whole lot of photographers out there. So when a client chooses me to be their photographer, I do not take that lightly! I am very dedicated to making our experience as wonderful as can be and a lot of that involves pre-shoot preparation. For weddings + elopements, I send a detailed questionnaire and then create a detailed itinerary making sure I don’t miss anything! And for couples shoots, I send outfit advice, location tips, and will map out our entire shoot in advance. Of course, flexibility is important, but just know that once we book together, I am 100% invested in making this shoot absolutely fabulous!

Our Why


Authenticity & Connection

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